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After embracing the opportunities to listen to music with such depth and personal resonance, I was able to put together yet another selection of recorded music from time that has past. I’m thankful to continue to have the ability to share these discoveries in this curated format.

Amour Cosmique

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I often piece together collections of songs I enjoy for my personal exploration. More often than not that playlist gets shifted around and really doesn’t follow my original intention of creating a musical landscape. This web mix is the first that I haven’t altered from it’s original arrangement.


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I’m honored to have access to such quality music. In a short period of time I’ve not only found a ton of inspiration but a lot of new music that has been incredibly enticing and resounding. These tracks have been a real treat to immerse myself in.

Reflective Contact

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For too long now I haven’t shared a web mix of current listening pleasures. This mix came together over a few days while I immersed myself into a wealth of new music and synth pop musical progression. I enjoy upbeat music and this is a wonderfully paced landscape of sounds I wanted to share.

Top Ten Albums Of 2015

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This was absolutely a profound year of music. I was incredibly invested emotionally to these albums. They weaved in and out of my mind during the year and provided an landscape of sound stimulus that inspired me greatly. The personal development that transpired over this year is unfathomable.

Honorable Mentions 2015

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I’m always on the lookout for new and uplifting music throughout the year. This year was no different than the past several years. I was inundated with a plethora of selections to choose from. It’s becoming more challenging to choose a selection of songs that didn’t quite make the full album category.

Top 3 Concerts Of 2015

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My concert viewing experiences have diminished in quantity over the years but I do still enjoy seeing bands live on any occasion that presents itself. Every opportunity is significant and I wanted to express the resounding effect these three shows in particular had on my life.

Top Ten Albums Of 2014

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2014 was a pretty incredible year for music. I’ve grown to appreciate certain aspects of the listening experience more and more as time passes. All of the albums on this list were so endearing and pleasing to me that I was able to collect the recorded albums on vinyl.

Honorable Mentions 2014

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I listen to a lot of music on any given year. On many occasions I’ve had the privilege of listening to some quality music. This year has been no different. There were many songs this year that piqued my interest but didn’t quite necessitate into enjoying the full album.

Top 3 Vinyl Releases Of 2014

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I’m becoming more selective of my record purchasing but I still manage to collect some really great releases. This has been another year of solid pressings and highly collectable releases by musicians I adore and have followed over the years.