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I often piece together collections of songs I enjoy for my personal exploration. More often than not that playlist gets shifted around and really doesn’t follow my original intention of creating a musical landscape. This web mix is the first that I haven’t altered from it’s original arrangement.

When I’m listening to music I tend to favor the person I’m working on a mix for. The mix that ends up on the site usually was intended for a friend. They don’t know who they are but it helps when I have a listener in mind when I’m piecing together the songs. I rearrange a great majority of the mixes to keep the listener engaged for the duration. My goal is to introduce at least one song that will resonate and inspire that person to explore the artists catalogue a little further.

I put this mix together for myself. It’s pretty much the most honest way I can say that these are personal to me that I have emotional attachments to or that just made their way to my ears serendipitously. I really try not to be selfish when I share music.

I’ve had the pleasure of being immersed in music a majority of my life. Each mix encapsulates a lifetime of music experience in my lifetime. Sharing songs is one of my most beloved hobbies and lifeskills. I share these mixes in hopes of encouraging others to explore something new in their lives. Thank you for exploring with me.

This mix is dedicated to the people who take chances, absorb knowledge, continuously explore, who are fearless and inspire others.



Download Here:
Amour Cosmique .ZIP

1. S U R V I V E – Relays
2. Mrs. Magician – Don’t Tell Me What To Do
3. Chrome Canyon – Midnight Success
4. Hot Hot Heat – Pulling Levers
5. Moniker – Ricky Runs
6. Tuns – Lonely Life
7. Dent May – Face Down In The Gutter Of Your Love
8. STRFKR – Tape Machine
9. Ladyhawke – Let It Roll
10. HOME – Nights (I Wish I Could Be There)
11. Juniore – Mon Autre
12. Turzi – Corbeau
13. Noisettes – Winner
14. Copy – Multiples
15. Frank LoCrasto – Simple Times