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I’m honored to have access to such quality music. In a short period of time I’ve not only found a ton of inspiration but a lot of new music that has been incredibly enticing and resounding. These tracks have been a real treat to immerse myself in.

There are a lot of new releases on this mix. I’ve been anxiously awaiting for some and others came as a complete surprise. I hope that they encourage you to delve into current and previous releases in these artists catalogues.

There is a nice momentum happening this year. I already hear Top Ten Album worthy songs in this current mix. It’s been a real pleasure and enjoyable listening experience in hearing the depth of talent and musicianship that this batch of songs convey.

This mix is a bit of a rocker in some areas. A departure from the synth pop heaviness of the last mix. This is more of a blend of all the things I enjoy about indie music.

This mix is dedicated to peace of mind, closure and the people who shaped us to who we are at this very moment.




Download Here:
Astonymous .ZIP

1. M83 – Tension
2. Teleman – Düsseldorf
3. Mrs. Magician – Eyes All Over Town
4. Young Rival – Let Me Go On
5. Nanimal – Presentation
6. Cheatahs – Get Tight
7. Autolux – Becker
8. Big Black Delta – Kid Icarus
9. Operators – Rome
10. Ejecta – It’s Only Love
11. Starwalker – Everybody’s Got Their Own Way
12. Prince Rama – Your Life In The End
13. Broadcast – Tears In The Typing Pool
14. The Explorers Club – Quietly
15. Disasterpeace – Love