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After embracing the opportunities to listen to music with such depth and personal resonance, I was able to put together yet another selection of recorded music from time that has past. I’m thankful to continue to have the ability to share these discoveries in this curated format.

This collection of songs has a lot of significant meaning to me. I’ve been listening to them continuously and feeling so much positive energy from the songs that have made their way to my ears. While some of the compositions and lyrics are simple others are very complex. There are a lot of areas covered here that hopefully shapes a landscape of sound for this incredible auditory journey.

I’ve revisited past memories and have shaped new ones during the compilation of this selection of songs. It was a great relief to me to reflect, share and attach memories to the sounds that these incredible musicians have composed.

I feel honored and blessed to have heard all of these wonderful sounds on my journey in life. I hope they continue to impact myself as well as others who are hearing these songs for the very first time.

This mix is dedicated to the people we love, who inspire us, who’ve supported us unconditionally and who’ll live in our memories until we expire in this lifetime.



Download Here:
Mysterium .ZIP

1. White Lies – Is My Love Enough
2. Mild High Club – Homage
3. Tycho – Division
4. Moon King – Impossible
5. Phantogram – Cruel World
6. STRFKR – Something Ain’t Right
7. Phases – Vertigo
8. Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein – Kids
9. The Buttertones – Bad Girl
10. Bass Drum Of Death – Crawling After You
11. Penicillin Baby – Fools No One
12. Duchess Says – Inertia
13. Nice As Fuck – Door
14. Yamantaka // Sonic Titan – Seasickness Pt.1
15. Lo Moon – Loveless